7 Habits that Make CoD Pros Unkillable

7 Habits that Make CoD Pros Unkillable

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The HABITS that Make CoD Pros SO GOOD at Call of Duty! The things that all CoD Pros do inside and outside the game that make them better than you and I! How they’ve developed their focus, communication, mindset, reaction times, practice, and so much more!

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Throughout the year we go through all things CoD and Professional Call of Duty! We talk about pro cod tips, the call of duty league, competitive cod, Black Ops Cold War comp, cdl news, updates, power rankings, predictions, call of duty league update, cod league predictions and breakdown, talk gamebattles tips, umg tips, search and destroy strategy, hardpoint, rotations, anchoring, the roles, AR, SMG, Flex, Anchor and more! We discuss all the teams including the Minnesota Rokkr, Dallas Empire, New York Subliners, Chicago Huntsmen, Seattle Surge, LA OpTic Gaming, Atlanta Faze, London Royal Ravens, Paris Legion, Florida Mutineers, LA Guerillas, and we debate all the best players in the game like Scump, Formal, Crimsix, Karma, Dashy, Simp, Abezy, Cellium, Priestahh, Skrapz, Dylan, Octane, Slasher, Kenny Kuavo, ILLeY, Shotzzy, Frosty, Prestinni, Arcitys, Gunless, Envoy, Aches, Attach, Temp, Huke, Zoomaa and more; with all the events like CDL Minnesota, CDL London, CDL Atlanta, CDL Chicago, CDL LA, CDL Florida, CDL Seattle, CDL Paris, CDL New York, or CDL Toronto! We’ll go through set ups, strategy, tips, tricks, pro, secrets to improve in CoD CW, and how to get better with your aim, your movement, your communication, shot, gun skill, awareness and more!


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