Animating with Control Rig in 4.26 | Inside Unreal

Animating with Control Rig in 4.26 | Inside Unreal

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Let’s explore the latest animation features available in Control Rig for Unreal Engine 4.26! The team will cover updates to the Control Rig Mannequin Sample that’s available on the Marketplace, rig sharing with Control Rig Components and Setup Graphs, attaching multiple Control Rigs for animation authoring, Slope Warping breakdown with post-process Control Rigs, driving Control Rig animation from gameplay, and exploring the meerkat demo!


00:00 Countdown
05:00 News
08:04 Karma Earners
08:20 Community Spotlights
09:17 Intro Graphic
09:35 Guest Introduction
10:07 Overview
12:03 Mannequin Rig Demonstration – Control Rig Mannequin Sample Update
52:06 Rig Sharing – Setup Graph and Components
1:06:12 Ridin’ Pig Demonstration – Attaching Control Rigs
1:18:55 Slope Warping Demonstration – Runtime Post-Process Rigging
1:42:56 When Robots Attack Demonstration – Driving gameplay with Control Rig
1:50:30 Meerkat Demo – Film Quality Rigging with Control Rig
2:06:35 Questions and Answers
2:59:10 Information and Outro


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