Dusttin Bowerman reacts to TSM/esports worth more than NHL teams

Dusttin Bowerman reacts to TSM/esports worth more than NHL teams

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Dusttin and The Boys of “The Dusttin Bowerman Show” REACT to the reported value of TSM/Esports in comparison with traditional sports. The Boys decide Las Vegas needs more sports and esports teams.

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On today’s show: Anthony has tickets to the gun show, Dusttin tries to UwU, Max wears a stripey shirt.
The Boys discuss the value of esports vs sports. What is the benefit of having a competitive scene in a game? Is it just greed? Is it throwing money into a fire? Dusttin has feelings about Roblox. A cheater segment- couldn’t be us. The truth about CodeMiko’s ban comes out. Dusttin wonders the penalties for doxxing Max and Anthony. The LA Valiant have begun releasing their roster, could it be good? Special Guest: OWL Caster and Plat Chat host, Sideshow, has never plucked his eyelashes.
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