Let's Try Endless Arena on iOS #2 Online Arena Matches

Let's Try Endless Arena on iOS #2 Online Arena Matches

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Hello, dear viewer, I’m Jalinon and welcome to this Let’s Try of Endless Arena on iOS! Endless Arena is a free auto-battling arena game. Think Auto Chess combined with a MOBA. Endless Arena is rated ages 9+. Endless Arena requires wifi to play. There are in-app purchases such as character skins and ways to improve character stats and skills.

Endless Arena is described in the App Store at the time of posting as follows:

“- Colorful Campaign
The stories of legendary heroes unfold.
Grow your heroes, combine them well, and clear the campaign.

– Real Time Battle!
Choose the Best Strategy in real time.
Lead your Team to Victory with Accurate Judgment

– Aim for a Reversal with a Skill that fits the Situation!
Choose the Hero’s Skill yourself.
Choose a more efficient Skill at the moment.

– Higher Grade! Higher Level!
If you collect two identical Items, the Item Level increases.
Combine 5 Grades of items to defeat the enemy.

– Various Set Effects!
Collect items with 8 Tribe Effects and 8 types of Material Effects.
More Items Collected, Stronger the Effects. Collect the Sets to strengthen your Hero.

– I want it! Wish Item
Select a Wish Item to appeal your Teammates.
Other Teammates may sell the Wish Item to you.

– By downloading or installing this app, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions of ekkorr.
(Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy:

– This game contains items that can be purchased in the app to help you proceed with your game.
In-app purchases can be restricted through your device settings.
This application is provided with the official permission of right holder.”

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid by Ekkorr or anyone else at the time of posting to show this game or present my opinions on it. I hope you enjoy it! I now have an AdSense account so take that for what you will I suppose.

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