Manipulating Item Drops in Final Fantasy Adventure – A Wild Glitch Appears! #shorts

Manipulating Item Drops in Final Fantasy Adventure – A Wild Glitch Appears! #shorts

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Manipulating Item Drops in Final Fantasy Adventure - A Wild Glitch Appears! #shorts
In Final Fantasy Adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy, there’s a way to manipulate item drops from treasure chests so that you can easily find the final equipment pieces in the last area of the game.

There are three enemies in the final area of the game that will sometimes drop rare and powerful armor. The Ninja guys will sometimes drop the Samurai Armor; the Fiend Heads will sometimes drop the Samurai Helmet; and the Mammoth things will sometimes drop the Aegis Shield. The problem, however, is that when these enemies drop a treasure chest, you will usually find a normal item inside the chest, rather than an awesome piece of armor.

However, there is an easy way to manipulate your luck so that the treasure chests will always give you the equipment rather than an Elixir or an Ether or whatever.

All you need to to is completely fill up your item inventory, but make sure you have room in your equipment inventory. When you go to open the treasure chest, the game will tell you “Can’t Carry” until it decides to give you the equipment. That is, since the game rerolls the contents of the treasure chest every time you try to open it, if the game determines that there is an item inside the treasure chest, it will tell you that you have no room in your ITEM inventory for the item, but the treasure chest will remain unopened. Then, you can try to open the treasure chest again, and the contents of the chest will reroll all over again. You can repeat this process until the game determines that the chest contains an equipment.

So, if you can’t carry an item, but you CAN carry an equipment, you can keep trying to open the same treasure chest until you find a piece of equipment inside.

Thanks to LoloGuru for telling me about this item drop manipulation trick!

By the way, this game is called Seiken Densetsu in Japan, and it’s the prequel to Secret of Mana. In Europe, however, this game was called Mystic Quest.

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What are some other weird tricks in old games you know about? I want to make more of these quick shorts, so leave a comment to suggest more glitches, Easter Eggs, and weird things!

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