MonteCristo Weighs In On Why FAKER Is The GOAT Of Esports

MonteCristo Weighs In On Why FAKER Is The GOAT Of Esports

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Dusttin of “The Dusttin Bowerman Show” asks the GOAT question!! MonteCristo discusses who needs to be in the conversation regarding who could be the GOAT of esports, explains why people might not realize just HOW GOOD Faker is.

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On today’s show: Dusttin gets defensive over his pungency, Anthony tries to explain coding, and Max takes the day off!!
DOUBLE GUESTS TODAY! The Vancouver Titans “FRD” talks about his past with the Atlanta Reign, leadership, team dynamics, and is CENSORED before giving up the good stories about Dusttin. R6 Invitational is rumored to be canceled! Players claim to be en route, but the French Government is saying “non”. The discovery of a BUG forced the FNCS back a week. The Boys take a viewer question and discuss whether the violence in a game affects its marketability, and the potential for esports in the Olympics. MonteCristo talks with Dusttin about the direction of the Overwatch League, the BREAKING NEWS about Surefour, and if being a parent has changed his perspective.
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Special Guest: FRD


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