The Top 10 Greatest Comebacks in CS:GO

The Top 10 Greatest Comebacks in CS:GO

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Between the pressure of competing on the big stage, and the tilt that losing round after round puts you in, any comeback is incredibly impressive.

So today, we wanted to honor the most unbelievable come-from-behind wins CS:GO has ever seen.

They made the impossible possible … and they did it with style. Here are The Top 10 Greatest Comebacks in CS:GO.

Written by: Daniel Rosen (@daniel_Rosen)
Hosted by: Danny Burke (@lurkeyburke)
Edited by: Ryan McKenna (@RyMcKenna_)
Produced by: Sean Tepper (@Sean_Tepper)
Thumbnail by: William O’Keefe (@magoo_o)

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Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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