Classic Racers (2019) – Every PC Rally Game

Classic Racers (2019) – Every PC Rally Game

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Classic Racers by Vision Reelle, 2019.

The rarest of things: a mobile phone game ported to PC that’s actually decent! Classic Racers (or Baguette, Fromage et Pistons, as it’s known on iOS/Android) is essentially a hill climb game, with your car trying to set the best time, to compare to worldwide leaderboards.

Car-wise it has a range of 13 1960’s era road, sports, Le Mans and even Grand Prix cars. None have official licenses, but it’s pretty easy to work out what the Astun Macro might be, for example (Austin Mini)! Sound is okay, for the most part, but the period-authentic music loops on the menus get a bit boring quickly! Graphics are pretty decent overall, but the compression caused by making, editing and uploading this video means a lot of the detailed textures have gone a bit mushy!

There are 13 stages in the game, plus 12 reversed/night/slalom (with haybales in the track) variants. The most interesting being a 1960’s Monaco (called Manoca Grand Prix) – I haven’t included it in this video, but I will when I cover the Grand Prix side of this game on my F1 playlist.

Handling-wise it’s okay; not really a sim (no car damage, but as you’re against the clock any off means you won’t be as high up the leaderboard). It can be twitchy to control on keyboard/joypad, I’m using steering wheel here. The handbrake is a bit hit-and-miss though – then again it’s not really a drift game!

There are a few quirks; you can drive out of the map on some tracks; the car shadow seems to show a different texture to the ground it passes over, the frame rate skips a little here-and-there and the light effects (sun and street lights in Lyon by Night track) move at a different pace to the rest of the scenery, which makes them look odd. There’s also no replay/external cam, hence none being shown here!

The game was eventually released as freeware, with optional donation “DLC”, if you appreciate the game.

This is part of the Every PC Rally Game playlist, which you can find here:


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