Dusttin Bowerman reacts to ScreaM saying aim in VAL doesn't matter that much

Dusttin Bowerman reacts to ScreaM saying aim in VAL doesn't matter that much

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Dusttin and The Boys of “The Dusttin Bowerman Show” discuss ScreaM claiming that aim in VALORANT doesn’t matter. What would it take to make VALORANT a top tier game? COMMENT below your thoughts on this TWITTER HOT TAKE!!

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On today’s show: Anthony reveals the one thing that makes him feel alive, Max says caffeine pills make him think of Anthony, and Dusttin wears the jersey of a washed up ex-pro esports player.
Gaming supplements, caffeine, and other performance enhancing drugs in esports. Do they help you game better? Should age matter so much in esports that younger prodigies are locked out, possibly until after their major game has peaked? Dusttin makes a bold claim that nice guys cannot succeed in esports. Special Guest: Co-Founder and CEO of JUKED.gg explains the problem with Twitch’s current treatment of embeds, and claims 2021 will be the best year for esports viewership yet. Dusttin malds into oblivion over a New York Times article.
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