Online slots – 7 game bonus hunt

Online slots – 7 game bonus hunt

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Good afternoon one and all, welcome back to my channel. Today I have actually managed to pull a 7 game bonus hunt out the fire, despite starting with just the £172 proceeds from my last video.

I certainly did not expect to achieve much with a starting balance of 172x stake, but one of the appealing aspects of the megaways slots is that they can drop in the occasional huge win.

I had started on Buffalo Rising and had not been playing for long when it span in max megaways. A quick look at the screen showed a huge number of aces, albeit not quite connected as there were no aces on reel 2. However, there was a win there and this cleared the way for it to drop some in, should it be feeling generous.

At the time I had no idea how many ways of aces it would be if it landed, but the answer was a rather pleasant one! It did not just give me one ace on reel 2, but 3! I glanced to the bottom of the screen to see a win of £450! Superb. Turns out this was from 300 ways of aces at £1.50 per line. I think across the screen it was something like 1x3x5x5x2x2.

The only disappointment here is that I missed recording the drop, so from here on I intend to start recording all of my play. At least then I will catch highlights like this to show to you properly, even though it is very rare that they come along.

This superb win put almost £600 in the bank so I used the rest of this to play for as many bonuses as I could, trying some new games along the way.

In the end I got 7 bonuses, as follows:

Buffalo Rising
Desperados wild
Reel King
Bar X
Deal or no Deal

A couple I’ve not tried before, and a couple more I have not played much at all. Here’s how it went…


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