Rally Point 4 (2019) – Every PC Rally Game

Rally Point 4 (2019) – Every PC Rally Game

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Rally Point 4 by Xform Games, 2019.

Originally released in 2014 as a browser-based game and then re-released in 2015 on thw Microsoft Store, Xform Games have since released this via their itch.io page as a standalone game, re-engineered in Unity, with improved graphics, sound and framerate. The Windows Store version does look a little better in some respects though (car models are better, fans say) , but I’m covering the standalone, latest version here.

In many respects this is something of a compilation of content from previous Rally Point games, with 9 tracks covering Desert, Snow and Jungle environment, most seen in previous games. There are 9 cars this time, all of which are shown here.

There’s one extra feature this time: a co-driver now calls out the sharpness of corners (in an arcade style!).

As per the previous Rally Point games, it has rather clunky, heavy keyboard controls and an awfully short (redone for this game) musical loop in the background that can’t be disabled (unless you turn off ALL the sound!). The overlaid, mobile-style interface is only really relevant if you’re playing on a touch screen device though.

All my previous comments apply: there’s really not a lot of gameplay to be had here, apart from trying to beat your previous best time at each track. And that the controls are a little weird, featuring a dedicated drift button (that works to a varying degree depending on car chosen) and a nitro (which causes you to explode, should you overheat).

So, in short, yet another somewhat clunky, small rally title, which you’ll complete in a very short time!

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