Rally-X (Game Boy – Rom Hack Of Street Rider)

Rally-X (Game Boy – Rom Hack Of Street Rider)

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Game: Rally-X (Street Rider)
Platform: Game Boy
Developer(s): verme (The actual game was developed by Sachen! As for Rally-X, the game was developed by Namco)
Final Score: 188,500

This upcoming rom-hack was created by verme which changes everything from Street Rider to Rally-X! The reason why the music in this video has been disabled is because the music in this game doesn’t sound really good, not to mention how slow the game is, but it does get better when you collect those flags that give you some extra speed.


Street Rider belongs to Sachen!

Rally-X belongs to Bandai Namco Entertainment!

All rights and credit goes to their perspective owners!

Nguồn: https://game5s.net/

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