Sonic, but he's part BADNIK! – Hilarious Sonic Rom Hack

Sonic, but he's part BADNIK! – Hilarious Sonic Rom Hack

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Sonic, but he’s part BADNIK! – Hilarious Sonic Rom Hack

Dr. Yùndòng’s development started in 2015 when a joke image created by BinBowie showing Sonic with a Caterkiller’s face was sent in a private Skype group which was to become Owarisoft shortly after. Several people in the group absoultely loved this image, so much that the character was planned to be put in a Sonic ROM hack and was named “Lover The Catterhog”.

Plans were made in a Google Docs document for the game, originally titled “Yùndòng Zìxíngchē” (运动自行车) as it was planned to be both the “Parodius of Sonic hacks” and a tribute to Chinese bootleg games, given the nonsense title. The hack started out simple at first before the team started throwing more and more ideas in as development followed.

👉 Get the hack here:
👌 Credits:
Project Leader – BinBowie
Lead Programmer – Ralakimus
Engine Programmers – Ralakimus, Natsumi
Assistant Programmers – Natsumi, TheStoneBanana
Level Designers – LuigiXHero, BinBowie, LooneyDude
Level Artists – BinBowie, VAdaPEGA, TheStoneBanana, Mr. Cat, LooneyDude
Sprite Artists – BinBowie, VAdaPEGA, TheStoneBanana, LooneyDude
Music Composer – BinBowie
Sound Effects – VAdaPEGA
Character Designers – BinBowie, VAdaPEGA, Ralakimus, TheBlurCafe, TheStoneBanana, Dragon Wolf Leo
Dialogue – Misinko, BinBowie, Brent Rigby
Dual PCM and AMPS – MarkeyJester and Natsumi

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